#UnlockMockingjay Madness

So remember when we posted on Tuesday about the Mockingjay Mosaic campaign and how we felt better about something like that than social media campaigns that make fans work toward media the studio was ultimately going to give fans anyway?

Things got WAY uncomfortable about 18 hours later when Lionsgate released a social media campaign exactly matching that criteria. Whoops! WE HAD NO IDEA, LG!…

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1 Minute, 45 Seconds

1 Minute, 45 Seconds

We all really got our hopes up that there was FINALLY a trailer yesterday, but instead we got a countdown to a trailer. Better than nothing, right? The trailer is still coming and while we’ll admit that our enthusiastic has waned during the waiting game, we know we’ll be psyched once we actually see it.

We got one good still from three seconds of footage, at least!

We got one good still from three seconds of footage, at least!

However, the news aboutthe…

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Fandom— Recognize

Fandom– Recognize

credit to - turntherightcorner.com

credit to – turntherightcorner.com

San Diego Comic Con 2014 is in full swing, and the Internet is a buzz with all things Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel, Hobbit-y, Game of Thrones-y and oh yeah– Lionsgate-y. I’m one of the sad few who is not attending the convention, and frankly will probably never attend, because crowds of that magnitude give me the heebie-jeebies, and trust me when I say this– you…

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Making Brand Partnership Fan-Friendly (And How To Screw It Up)

Making Brand Partnership Fan-Friendly (And How To Screw It Up)

Yesterday at Comic Con, I was following the tweets coming out of the Community panel.  Community is a smart, irreverent tv comedy set at a community college (with very questionable academic credentials). The clever writing and pop culture in-jokes meant it attracted only a niche audience. It’s never had high ratings, but has a very engaged, social-media savvy viewership.  With low ratings, every…

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Katniss Everdeen and Girls Who Obviously Do Things #LikeAGirl

Katniss Everdeen and Girls Who Obviously Do Things #LikeAGirl

Dear ladies,

In case you didn’t already know it, we’re gross. So much so that the whole advertising world is busy telling us how gross we are in an effort to help us conceal our unholy level of disgusting, because we should totally be ashamed!

These companies sell us (and in part help create) our insecurities. But don’t worry! Then they empower us! How, you ask? By making us feel insecure about…

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Awhile back, like a couple of years ago– I wrote about the prospect of The Hunger Games…

Awhile back, like a couple of years ago– I wrote about the prospect of The Hunger Games utilizing the tried and truth money-making method of product placement. However, now that a few major companies have made brief, and lasting partnerships with the franchise (Cover Girl, Subway) I’m struck with the thought again of “what if?” In the case of the most recent news of Lionsgate having sold the…

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Selling the Mockingjay Trailer Release

Selling the Mockingjay Trailer Release

News came out today that Mockingjay Part 1 would indeed have a presence at San Diego Comic Con. Yay! That’s awesome and great. And expected, since Lionsgate has been saying all along they would be at Comic Con since January. But now we know some of the stars will be there, which is great news for fans who long ago bought tickets thinking that Mockingjay would have a presence at the Con.

But then…

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Capitol Concerns Gone Wild

Capitol Concerns Gone Wild



We love Lionsgate, but sometimes these guys just set themselves up!

Behold, Capitol Concerns– an open forum on TheCapitol.PN for the questions and concerns of Hunger Games fans as the release of Mockingjay approaches. As if they didn’t know! As if they haven’t seeeeeen! Of course, the response was exactly what you’d expect.

In all fairness, a few fans tried to express their…

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Teasing the Mockingjay Teaser

Teasing the Mockingjay Teaser

The internet rumblings about a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer accompanying Transformers 4 this weekend keep getting louder by the minute.  There’s still no word from Lionsgate about a teaser trailer at all, so we just rely on the words of movie theater workers throughout the world who say they have received the Untitled Trilogy Teaser A.

Listen here Fibre lady, don't you even THINK about leaking something with your crazy Google Glass-type gear.

Listen here Fibre lady, don’t you even THINK about…

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Complaint Central

I have a new hobby born from the ever-increasing wait for the Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer (or theatrical trailer, I suppose, if they keep delaying). Over the past few months, we’ve had rumor after rumor that turned into nothing. How much longer can this continue, we wonder?

Hunger Games fans are a little more open with their emotions than quietly raging Katniss.

Hunger Games fans are a little more open with their emotions than quietly raging Katniss.

So my hobby comes from a…

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